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This policy applies to all sites that form part of the network of 4Square Media sites. 4Square Media is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. However, 4Square Media is exempt from complying with the Privacy Act in relation to its journalism activities. 4Square Media has publicly committed to complying with the Australian Press Council Privacy Standards for the use of personal information in the course of journalism.

4Square Media may, from time to time, review and update this privacy policy statement to take account of new laws and technology and changes to 4Square Media's operations. Please visit this page periodically, to check for updates. All personal information held by 4Square Media will be governed by its most recent policy, posted on 4Square Media.

What kind of personal information 4Square Media collects and how it is collected

4Square Media collects personal information from a variety of sources, including from members of the public, advertisers, prospective employees, mailing lists, recruitment agencies, contractors and business partners.

In general, the personal information 4Square Media collects includes (but is not limited to) name, address, contact details, gender, occupation, in some cases membership of professional associations and, where relevant, financial information, including credit card information, banking details and income information.

Personal Information you provide: We store the personal information you enter on 4Square Media or give to 4Square Media in other ways. We obtain most personal information through 4Square Media membership registration process and updates to membership details. You may provide information when you request or acquire a product or service from 4Square Media or its related companies, provide a product or service to 4Square Media, complete a survey or questionnaire, enter a competition, participate in forums or when you communicate with 4Square Media by e-mail, telephone or in writing (for example if you contact customer service or provide feedback).

Automatic collection: Cookies: We may use a feature of your browser called a cookie to assign your computer a 'User ID'. Cookies contain information by which 4Square Media can identify your computer to our servers. You may configure your browser so that you are notified before a cookie is downloaded or so that your browser does not accept cookies. 4Square Media may use information contained in cookies to make assumptions about the user of the computer and to provide users of that computer with focused advertising that 4Square Media believes may be of interest, based on that information. In some cases a web page might contain more than one cookie, the information gathered from these different cookies are used to build statistical and demographical information which does not identify you personally to advertisers and other third parties for marketing, promotional purposes.

To disable your cookies, please refer to the help menu within your Internet browser.

Indirect collection: 4Square Media endeavours to collect personal information about an individual only from that individual. In some circumstances 4Square Media may obtain personal information from a third party. If you provide personal information about another person to 4Square Media, 4Square Media requires that you inform that person you have done so and provide them with a copy of this policy.

How 4Square Media uses the information you provide

4Square Media may use information it collects from you for the primary purpose for which it is collected and for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose of collection. 4Square Media generally uses personal information to: provide you with products or services you have requested personalise and customise your experiences on 4Square Media; help 4Square Media manage and enhance its services; communicate with you; provide you with ongoing information about opportunities on 4Square Media in which 4Square Media believes you may be interested; give you the opportunity from time to time to receive e-mail and 'e-newsletters' from 4Square Media In most cases where 4Square Media asks you to provide information about yourself, if you do not provide 4Square Media with that information, 4Square Media will not be able to provide you with the requested product or service.


4Square Media may disclose personal information to other companies in 4Square Media that may only use it as set out above.

4Square Media may also provide your information to: third parties engaged by 4Square Media to perform functions on its behalf, such as processing credit card information, mail outs, debt collection, marketing, research and advertising; third parties authorised by you to receive information held by 4Square Media Pty Ltd.

4Square Media uses DoubleClick International Asia B.V. to deliver the e-mails and e-newsletters you may ask to receive. DoubleClick International generally sends this data to the United States and Canada, but may transfer it to other countries where appropriate. By requesting an e-mail or e-newsletter from 4Square Media, you agree that DoubleClick may use your personal information in this way. If you would like to know more about the information gathering practices and 'opt-out' procedures of DoubleClick International, click here.

4Square Media shares web site usage information about visitors to 4Square Media who have received a targeted promotional e-mail campaign, with DoubleClick International B.V. for the purpose of targeting future campaigns and upgrading visitor information used in reporting statistics. For this purpose, 4Square Media and its third-party advertising company will keep information on the email campaign and some of the pages you visit on 4Square Media through the use of pixel tags (also called clear gifs).


4Square Media is not responsible for any disclosure of email addresses between two parties using the anonymous email service on www.cracker.com.au.

How 4Square Media treats sensitive information

"Sensitive Information" means information relating to a person's racial or ethnic origin, membership of political bodies, religion, membership of a trade union or professional or trade association, sexual preferences, criminal record and health. 4Square Media may use and disclose Sensitive Information only for the purpose for which it was provided or a directly related secondary purpose or as allowed by law unless you have agreed otherwise.

Updating personal information

4Square Media endeavours to ensure that the personal information it holds is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You can update your 4Square Media membership information via the 'Update your details' section on any of the sites within 4Square Media. You can generally update personal information that is not membership information on the website of 4Square Media where you submitted that information. Where personal information is no longer required by 4Square Media, it will be destroyed or de-identified.

Seeking access to the personal information 4Square Media holds about you

You have the right to seek access the personal information held about you and to advise 4Square Media of any inaccuracy. There are some exceptions to this right set out in the Privacy Act.

If you make an access request, 4Square Media will ask you to verify your identity and specify what information you require. 4Square Media may charge a fee to cover the costs of meeting your request. Membership information: 4Square Media Members can access the membership information 4Square Media holds about them at any time via the "Change Details" section on any of the sites within 4Square Media.

How to contact 4Square Media

4Square Media Pty Ltd Suite 503/ 100 Mount Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia Tel +61 2 9919 6600 Fax +61 2 9919 6601 or [email protected]